Friday, 16 January 2015

Borrowed treasures & bargains..

My lack of a photographer & babysitter have made it rather difficult to post anything this week! I finally got around to taking some pictures yesterday, so I've spent my Friday night with a glass of red wine, working on the post.. & I've loved it. Friday night mom style. 
I cannot get over how in love I am with this jacket! These photo's do not even do it justice, it really is just magical. The upsetting part is that it's not mine to keep. I have a wonderful friend named Jean, who has collected vintage clothing for the past 40 years! And she let's me borrow a few things occasionally. I'll be very sad to take this treasure out of my wardrobe. The knitted waist jacket underneath I paid £1 for!! From a charity shop last week. Bargain of the year so far. My bag I purchased from a vintage website about 10 years ago. My first ever vintage bag, and still my favourite! And my boots.. that I have basically lived in since I bought them about 5 months ago.. are from Marks & Spencer. 


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