Saturday, 10 January 2015

Print Mash

So this is my first post on a fresh blog, & of 2015! .. It's only taken me and my partner 10 days to get out & get the photo's taken! Children really do take up ALL of your time :) I've been treated to a new camera & lots of pretty new dresses for Christmas, so I have been very excited to get this whole thing started! 
My dress & boots are both from Zara, and a dream to wear.. coming from a busy mom! The dress is so floaty and comfortable, and the boots have the perfect sized heel. I've walked around in them all day today. Zara is definitely one of my favourite places to shop lately. My bag is Topshop, and perfect for all of my baby essentials! Since having Norah I've really missed carrying around a nice little handbag, I have so many that I've just not been able to use, and I've really struggled to find a "mom bag" that's just right for me. This one is perfect, and I'm so happy I found it! My coat was an absolute bargain, and cost me £7 from a flee market a few years ago. 


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