Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Vintage Leopard

Got some time away from the baby today to go out with my sister to get these photos taken. I've had this coat for a while now and have not really made much use of it. I bought it a couple of years ago off Depop (it's vintage Next) and intended to have it taken up so it was a short jacket type coat, but I've tried it on again this week and I love it!
My black dress underneath is Zara (one of my favourite places) and is the nicest, most comfortable thing to wear. The loose fit and longer length at the back make it perfect for me to run around after Norah in, and it looks lovely too. I wish they would design this exact same dress in a variety of different prints & colours.
My tapestry bag is Topshop (and has been featured in almost every post) & my patent boots are Marks & Spencer. I've had so much use out of these boots this Autumn/Winter, I'm considering going to buy myself another pair, and keep them in the box until next Autumn!


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