Monday, 9 February 2015


Do you ever have those days where you really want to look & feel nice, but just don't have the energy to doll yourself up, or wear anything other than a baggy jumper & leggings? I do.. Maybe it's just the Mother in me. This cream shirt has been my saviour to that feeling this week. It's slouchy, but oh so stylish & pretty, and I can wack it on with almost anything. I think the buttons & the crochet detailing at the bottom, give the shirt enough decoration without the need to accessorize.. however the shirt is still neutral enough to add said accessories, when feeling in the mood to. 
This is a vintage find, so this particular shirt won't be available to everybody, but there are plenty out there, & I encourage you all to go find and purchase a big slouchy white/cream shirt, as a wardobe ESSENTIAL.   

Shirt: Waiste Vintage
Bag: TK Max
Boots: Vintage (charity shop.. for £1!!!)

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